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V Basic Market Bag Pattern

Hi friends! I've got another freebie for you, the V Basic Market Bag Pattern.

The V Basic Market Bag is precisely that. V basic, V simple, V cute.

You can easily hook up a bag in an afternoon making it the perfect quick gift.

There is a video tutorial below, or keep scrolling for written instructions.

Pattern Notes.

I used approx. 255m of Cotton DK yarn. I recommend using cotton to prevent your bag stretching once in use.

You will need a 4mm hook (or hook for your chosen yarn), needle and scissors.

Abbreviations. This pattern is written in US crochet terms.

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

hdc: half double crochet

sc: single crochet

sk: skip

sp: space

ss: slip stitch

st(s): stitch(es)

v: v stitch (dc, ch1, dc all in the same st / sp)

RS / WS: right side / wrong side

*__*: Repeat instructions from * to * as many times as instructed.


10cm x 10cm = approx. 6 V st and 7 rows.

Gauge is not essential for this project. You can use any yarn or hook size you like, you’ll just end up with a different size bag. Mine measures approx. 35cm long by 28cm wide (22cm at the base).


Note: turning ch2/3 counts as a st throughout.

Ch 32.

Round 1: hdc in third ch from hook and each of the next 29 chs, 3hdc in the final ch. Rotate your piece and work along the other side of the ch, hdc in each of the next 29 chs, then 2hdc in the base of your turning ch2, ss to top of ch2, do not turn.

Round 2: ch3, *sk next st, v in next st* around, ss to ch3 to join, turn.

Round 3: ch3, v in each ch sp from the previous row, ss to ch3 to join, turn.

Note: the ch sp is in the centre of each v st, not between the v sts. You should be working your v into the centre of the v from the previous round.

Repeat round 3 until your bag is the desired depth. I worked a total of 22 rounds. Do not fasten off.


Round 1: ch1, sc in each dc and ch sp from the previous row, (3sc per v st), ss to ch1 to join, turn.

Round 2: ch1, *sc in each of the next 2 sts, sk next st* around, ss to ch1 to join, turn.

Note: this is to tighten the top of your bag and pull it in nicely at the top, you can skip this round if you prefer.

Round 3: ch1, sc in each st around, ss to ch1 to join, turn.

Repeat round 3 until your edging is the desired width. I worked a total of 5 edging rounds. Do not fasten off.


Lay your bag flat and decide where you would like your handles to sit. I worked 2 short handles, but you could work one long strap for a cross body bag.

Ss around the edge until you reach where you want your handle to start.

Row 1: ch1, hdc in each st until you reach your desired handle width, I worked 4hdc, turn.

Note: normally your turning ch would be 2 for hdc, but I didn’t want a gap forming at the edges, so I went with ch1.

Row 2: ch1, hdc in each st, turn.

Repeat row 2 until your handle is the desired length. Do not fasten off.

With your bag flat, find the sts to which you would like to join your handle, ch1 and with WS facing, ss your handle edge to your final edging round. Without fastening off, flip your bag over and ss around the top edge to meet the point where your second strap will sit and work as before. Once you have joined your second handle, fasten off and weave in your ends.

And you’re done! I hope you love your new bag and can cram it full of yarn as soon as possible.

Use #VBasicMarketBag to share your work and be sure to tag me @manatee_squares, I love to see your makes.

Thank you! Manatee :)

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