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Cheeky peach crochet pattern

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hi everyone! 👋

Welcome to the Manatee Squares blog and my first post. Below you can find the free pattern for the cheeky peach. 🍑

It's a simple, beginner friendly pattern, perfect for your first amigurumi or a quick project to distract you from whatever responsibilities you are trying to ignore. And who can resist that little bottom?

You can do whatever you like with your finished peach, but please don't republish the pattern, and don't forget to tag me in your makes, @manatee_squares. I'd love to see them all. I hope you enjoy making yourself a fuzzy buddy.

Lauren 🌻


Peach yarn.

Green yarn.

Black yarn scrap.

1 x safety eye.



This pattern is written in US crochet terms.

The number in brackets at the end of each round indicates the total number of stitches.

You can use whatever method you like to start your amigurumi, I prefer to chain 2 and work into the first stitch but if you like a magic circle you go right ahead.

I used two strands of peach coloured yarn held together and a 5mm hook to make my chunky peach, and one strand of DK and a 3.5mm hook for the mini peach in the tutorial photos. You can use whatever yarn you have to hand, I'd suggest sizing down your hook 0.5mm - 1.0mm from the recommended size to ensure your stitches are tight. DK yarn and a 3mm hook will result in a smaller peach and chunky yarn and a 5mm hook should be about palm sized, as you can see in the final photo below. But remember, all peaches are beautiful.

I sometimes use a little dollop of craft glue to keep the smile in position.

Stitch guide.

CH: chain

SS: Slip stitch

SC: Single crochet

HDC: Half double crochet

DC: Double crochet

INC: 2 SC into stitch

DEC: Decrease next 2 SC together

*_*: Repeat _ as many times as instructed

Cheeky peach crochet pattern.


With green and leaving a long yarn tail, CH 6.

Work along the chain as follows, starting in the second chain from the hook.

SC, HDC, DC, HDC, 3SC into last CH. Now work along the other side of the chain. HDC, DC, HDC, SS. Fasten off and weave in this end, leaving your starting tail to attach the leaf to the peach.


CH 2, 6SC into second chain from hook.

1. *INC* x 6 (12)

2. *1SC, INC* x 6 (18)

3. 1SC, *INC, 2SC* x 5, INC, 1SC (24)

4. *3SC, INC* (30)

5-8. *SC* (30)

Insert safety eye between rounds 5 and 6.

9. *3SC, DEC* x 6 (24)

10. 1SC, *DEC, 2SC* x 5, DEC, 1SC (18)

Stuff peach firmly as you go from here.

11. *1SC, DEC* x 6 (12)

12. *DEC* x 6

Fasten off leaving a 6" tail.

Sew last 6 stitches together to close hole, then, poking your needle through the centre, thread your tail all the way through to the middle of your first 6SC on the underside of your work.

On the outside of your peach, loop the tail up to the top opening and back through, pulling tight as you go to form the cheeks.

Poke the needle out the first 6SC as before and secure with a tight knot, before weaving the tail into your work and fastening off.

Use a scrap of black yarn to sew on the smile and wink using the photo as a guide.

Sew the leaf to the top of your peach.

To finish, roll her around in the palm of your hands to create a lovely, plump pair of peachy cheeks.

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